2022 Track & Field Registration

Track & Field Registration Information

Registration for the Spring 2022 season has ended.  Please fill out our waitlist while we analyze whether more athletes can be added to the roster.  If a space becomes available, we will email you.

Use the form below to register to be a part of our 2022 Cherokee Jr Track & Field team.  The form takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out.

Prior to registering it might be helpful to read the honor code waiver.  This will make the form process quicker.

COST: $165 Registration Fee plus $85 Uniform*

Thank you for your interest in running with us!!

*We began updating our uniforms during the fall XC season.  If you did not participate in Fall XC, your athlete must transition to the new uniform jersey ($45.00), which is mandatory to compete in races. Shorts are optional ($40.00), as a plain dark grey or black short can be used instead. While the new uniforms are a bit more expensive than in the past, they are more dynamic, with multiple options, and they can be worn for future seasons.  Please visit the shop upon completion to purchase your uniform.