About Us

Known as Cherokee Junior Warrior Track and XC, we are a Youth Developmental Running Club, formed in 2012, for elementary and middle school ages. (and some HS ages)   Located in Canton, Ga, we are affiliated with the Cherokee County Youth Track League and we participate in USATF developmental meets with local youth track and middle school clubs.  The running community here is incredible and it is amazing to see the excitement of young runners to learn and develop in this growing sport. 

We offer two sports throughout the year:

Spring Track & Field in the months of March-May  and

Fall Cross Country (XC) in the months of August-November.

We are a member of USATF, the national governing body for the sports of Track & Field and Cross Country.  

Our Track & Field and XC programs focus on helping each athlete develop basic knowledge and skills, in order to boost their confidence, strengthen their abilities and prepare them to compete on various levels.  Our main objective is to train in a way that builds confidence, team unity and where personal best is achieved. We want athletes to have fun and enjoy learning the sports of Track & Field and XC.

Our main objective it to train in a way that builds confidence, team unity and where personal best is acheived!

Meet the Coaches

This is a volunteer program. All of our youth coaches are part of the USATF Registered Coaches Program, which means they are required to have a current USATF membership and background screening, and each have taken the SafeSport course. 

We are always looking for more volunteers/coaches. Please contact us if you are interested in helping out. More parent involvement makes a stronger program. Your children love having you out there with them!

  • Camille Driscoll: Club Director/Mid-Distance Track/XC Coach
  • Amy Blanton: Assistant Club Director/Track and XC Coach
  • Marla Stromberg: Administrator/Track and XC Core Coach
  • Carrie Willbur: Sprint/Hurdle Coach
  • Stephen Englebert: Long Jump Coach
  • Kurt Wachtman: High Jump Coach
  • Kevin Gautreaux: Throws Coach
  • Mark Avillar:  Speed, Agility, Technique and Form Coach
  • Bryan Butler: Sprint/Relay Coach