CROSS COUNTRY is a sport where athletes run on a variety of terrain, such as grass, dirt, trails and hills. Depending on age, the distance run ranges from a 2k-5k.  The breakdown of age and distance is below:

8 and U          2k (1.24 miles)
9/10                 3k (1.86 miles)
11/12                3k (1.86 miles)
13/14                4k (2.49 miles)
15/16                4k (2.49 miles)
HS                     5k (3.1 miles)

We participate in Middle School races, which are typically for grades 6,7,8.

We also participate in USATF Developmental meets, which are geared towards all ages, and are run in the age divisions listed above.

Cross Country is fun because it develops the athlete on both the individual and the team level. The first 5 runners on a team to finish “score” according to what place they cross the finish line. It is individual in that each athlete tries to improve his/her time at each race, to achieve their “personal best”.

Through drills, core work, endurance and speed workouts, athletes improve their form, stamina and time. Pace workouts help the athletes learn how to maintain a speed for the duration of the race. It is fun to see the athletes improve and gain confidence. Many life lessons and team work can be learned through participating in sports, especially running. 

XC Season Information

We are excited to proceed with the 2021 JR XC Season! For questions/concerns reach out to Coach Camille Driscoll at 


*First practice: Thursday, August 12th 

*Last day of practice: Early November

Practice Information 

When:                        Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 5:00–6:15pm

Where:                        Boling Park

What to bring:        Water bottle, running shoes and a positive attitude

*Appropriate running attire would include athletic shorts, t-shirt or other athletic shirt and    running shoes. All athletes must wear a shirt during practice.

Other suggestions: Use the restroom before practice and always keep toenails clipped.

Rain: When it is raining we will not practice. We will inform you via email/REMIND of cancelled practices.

 What will I do in Cross Country

Athletes will train to run approx. 2 miles. Younger runners will run 1-1.5 miles. Courses vary in terrain and usually consist of running on grass, hills and through trails.

Meet/Race Information

We will compete mostly in Middle School races, which are usually 2 miles in duration. Many of these are in conjunction with the High School XC Meets. These meets are typically for grades 6-8 but sometimes younger, experienced runners may participate in these as well. Additionally, we will compete in USATF Developmental XC competitions.  These particular meets take place in two-year age divisions. These age divisions provide young athletes the opportunity to compete with other athletes of similar ability and age.

*The Age Division is determined by the athletes’ age as of 12/31/2021

The distance the athlete runs is determined by their age group: (for USATF Meets)

8 U             2k (1.24 miles)                       13/14          4k (2.49 miles)

9/10          3k (1.86 miles)                       15/16          4k (2.49 miles)

11/12         3k (1.86 miles)                       HS                5k (3.1 miles)

*Most meets are held on Saturdays, with the exception of a few on Friday. Transportation to the races will be the responsibility of the parents

*All athletes are encouraged to wear sweats (over their uniform) to each meet.

*Plan to arrive at least 1 hour before race time.