Winter Training

We are offering winter training for athletes that want to continue training through the winter months.  This offers a special opportunity to build your fitness level to prepare for the spring track & field season.  Additionally we will be competing at an indoor track meet (registration fees additional) during the winter season.  Register your athletes for the training by filling out the form below.

WHEN: Nov 6 – Feb 16
WHY: To condition for Spring Track & Field
TRAINING DAYS: Mon-Thur | 5:00 -6:30pm
COST: $75


Feel free to come to any of the training days that work with your schedule

All we ask is that your athlete wants to be there and is ready to participate!

Your athlete should be prepared to run during each practice. If your athlete is new or just starting, we will start slowly with them and help them as they integrate into our training. All athletes will run sprints and some will run much longer distances.

We want each athlete to succeed and be their best. This process takes hard work, and devoted effort and we are committed to providing a positive, encouraging atmosphere that allows this process to be enjoyable and fun!

We will monitor the weather and cancel due to conditions that will not benefit the athletes.

We will focus on drills, speed & agility, technique & form, sprints, endurance, and having fun.

We will take Christmas and Thanksgiving off and will alert you of other no training days depending on the coaches availability.

We will participate in 1 indoor track meet this winter, The Galeria Games, December 17th, in Brimingham, AL. This is not mandatory and is open for anyone interested. More details to come.

The spring track season will begin in March. Track will run from March-May. Registration will open in mid February.

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